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teltec systems ag November 7, 2022
Product Highlight

V.0071-gr | V.0141-gr Green Marking Lasers

"Cool" marking technology: 7- or 14-Watt Vanadate laser with 532 nm wavelength provides high accuracy and speed for the marking of demanding substrates.

teltec systems ag November 7, 2022

FOBA launches green laser

FOBA has developed a 532 nanometers wavelength green laser marking system which offers new possibilities for industrial direct part marking. Supplemented by FOBA’s comprehensive marking workflow, the low heat laser applies perfect marks on materials with extraordinary absorption properties.

Solectrix GmbH October 11, 2022

Reducing costs and risk through modular medical device development

Modular components make work easier for developers when it comes to fine-tuning hardware and software and implementing European regulations like MDR and IVDR.

IE Life Science July 24, 2022

BioFIT & MedFIT April 27, 2022

Last days to register for BioFIT Digital 2021

BioFIT is just a few days away! Don't miss your chance to join 1,000+ international key innovation players from the Life Sciences sector, and register now!

EMC-Testcenter AG April 27, 2022

Active Medical Devices – Flammability of insulation/plastic materials

Fire events in health care facilities could result in tragic consequences. To reduce the risk of such events occurring, materials in medical devices must fulfil various requirements. EMC Testcenter AG offers the capability to evaluate the flammability of insulation/plastic materials.

teltec systems ag February 23, 2022
Service Highlight

FOBA Middleware: Laser marking software for easy integration

Choose the easy way: All relevant laser marking parameters can now be centrally controlled with FOBA Middleware! Comprehensive control via one software, only TCP/IP connection is required for the PLC.

teltec systems ag January 20, 2022

FOBA Case Study: Laser marking of dental products

You would like to learn how it's possible to create high-contrast, resilient and durable markings on dental products? Then download FOBA's application case study here.

BioFIT & MedFIT December 6, 2021

Last days to register for MedFIT Digital 2021

MedFIT is just a few days away! Don't miss your chance to join 700+ international key innovation players from the MedTech, Diagnostic and Digital Health sectors.

EMC-Testcenter AG November 9, 2021

Active medical devices – Protective earthing as a means of protection

Protective earthing of accessible metal parts as a means of protection against electrical hazards: What is behind this? In this article we would like to show you why protective earthing can be lifesaving in the truest sense of the word.

QUO AG November 4, 2021

Holistic approach to design the next generation of products

In this presentation, which will be held in English, QUO elaborates how strategic design in key finding the sweet spot in med tech innovation and the importance of insights from the patient journey. See the presentation of Peter Bäschlin, Medical Program Coordinator at QUO AG, to learn more.

Aligned AG October 21, 2021

Find and eliminate errors in your Technical Documentations

To maximize your chances of getting a CE mark in time, the Quality of the Technical Documentation will be of crucial importance. Aligned Elements can help you find and eliminate quality errors in your Technical Documentation with less effort and in less time - Karl Larsson explains how.

eConsulting Sp. z o. o. October 21, 2021

How can you adapt to the changes in MDR?

In this presentation from Michał Timler, Validation Business Unit Director at eConsulting, you will hear about the preparation of a Transition Plan and you will be provided with the 12 major steps to be ready for new MDR regulations.

Swiss Medtech Expo October 21, 2021

The Digital Technology Platforms in Healthcare

Blaise Jacholkowskis’ presentation gives clarity on the widely-used 'platform' word in healthcare, and focuses on the 'horizontal' technology platforms enabling pharma and medical device companies in particular to build any medical-grade connected solution, eg. Software as a Medical Device (SaMD).

ProductLife Group October 7, 2021

Medtech innovations & new regulatory challenges

Full product lifecycle support from Design to Post Market Medical Devices, Combined Devices, SAMDs. How to support new regulatory challenges with planning of smooth transitions. Paolo Guerra, Medtech Lead at ProductLife Group explains more in his keynote.

Brütsch Elektronik AG October 7, 2021

Miniaturization in Medical Imaging

Nadia Neumayer from Brütsch Electronics explains how micro-cameras for medical imaging open new perspectives for diagnostics and treatment. She presents an overview on the prospects of medical micro-cameras, the challenges, their applications and an outlook on future innovations.

Coat-X September 29, 2021

The Development of a High-Performance Reusable Face Mask

The talk identifies several key points pertaining to the reusability of face masks and explains the journey from the basic research and understanding of key physical variables to the development of a product. Presented by Dr. Andreas Hogg and Adrian Stan.

Debiotech SA September 29, 2021

Remote Patient Monitoring - Technology to Improve Healthcare

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is a technology requested and expected by both patients and physicians, with 2/3 of the latter having the firm intention to use it. Laurent Colloud, Software Project Manager at Debiotech, will present how this technology works and can be implemented in healthcare.

EMC-Testcenter AG September 17, 2021

Active medical devices – Q&A means of protection against electrical hazards/electrical shock

An infallible safety concept is the highest priority for the construction of medical electrical equipment. But what needs to be taken in account for the concept? And how are means of protection realized? In this article you will find the most important questions and answers on this topic.

APO ZDROWIE SP. Z O.O. September 14, 2021
Product Highlight

Original Logopedic Tools

Logopedic Tools for the examination of the frenulum and the vertical positioning of the tongue. Originally created at APO Zdrowie to care for the health of every patient.

APO ZDROWIE SP. Z O.O. September 14, 2021

Comprehensive advice on medical treatment

We have created a multidisciplinary collaboration of selected professionals. Their skills allow to correctly diagnose dysfunctions of not only the masticatory organ, but the whole body. We specialize mainly in dentistry.

Signer Titanium AG September 13, 2021
Service Highlight

TITAN BY SIGNER - added value for our customers

Thanks to our many years of experience and expertise, our worldwide network of relationships and our proven services, we offer our customers real added value.

COMSOL Multiphysics GmbH September 13, 2021
Service Highlight

Modeling and Simulation for Medical Devices

For the design and analysis of medical devices, the ability to model multiphysics is especially important. Visit our booth in Hall 2 Nr F 2181 to get an overview of several multiphysics modeling scenarios related to medical devices.

Vimex Sp. z o.o. September 10, 2021
Product Highlight

Suction-Irrigation Pump for Laparoscopy

Suction and irrigation pump dedicated to laparoscopic surgeries. The optimum adjustment of pressure and flow parameters allows for effective tissue rinsing and effective aspiration of fluid during laparoscopic procedures.