Biocompatible materials MIM production for medical

Our μ-MIM® or Micro metal injection moulding technology realises the serial productions of biocompatible material components, such as Titanium (Ti), V free β-Ti alloy, CoCr alloy and so on.

Our proprietary μ-MIM® (micro metal injection moulding) technology has experienced a wide range of metals for our metal injection moulding or MIM production. The biocompatible materials are also part of our material range. It is well known that titanium, vanadium free β phase stabilised titanium alloy, cobalt chrome alloys are examples of the biocompatible materials and these materials are also considered difficult-to-process materials. Among the beneficial powder metallurgy process of a biocompatible material, our μ-MIM® technology realises smaller and more complicated designed components serial production with satisfying the tight tolerances requirement and good mechanical properties.

The biocompatible material serial productions are difficult for us too. We have optimised our binder system to improve mouldability and carefully controlled the sintering conditions to realise the serial productions. Especially in the degreasing and sintering process, it is important to minimise the binder remaining after the degreasing process to achieve good mechanical property. However, the smaller amount of binder remaining, the post degreasing products become more fragile to handle. In case of complicated small component design, the productivity will be decreased drastically if the binder remaining amount is very low. In our μ-MIM® technology process, degreasing-sintering is deployed in one chamber. Thus it is capable of producing components the good mechanical property that can satisfy the requirement of tight dimensional tolerance.   

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