The fully automated warehouse management system. A system that thinks for itself! Secure, simple, flexible, efficient & transparent. Unique technology gives authorized personnel access to the stored material. At any time knowing WHO WHEN, WHAT, WHERE, WHERE, HOWMANY has taken.

i. Cupboard - more than just a cupboard

The i. cupboard offers the ideal solution between an open shelf system such as e-nventory® and a highly transparent output system. The inventory recording system uses scales to continuously determine the inventories of all storage locations and sends them to a cloud application.

With i. cupboard you can manage up to 104 different articles per cabinet. Control all stocks, repeat orders, and access rights centrally and conveniently on your computer. You can get a complete overview of all cabinet activities at any time - even across locations.

The following 3 variants of the i.cupboard are available:

  • Standard i. cupboard with steel doors
  • i. cupboard with touch-screen for entering cost center, customer order, project, patient number, etc.
  • i. cupboard with glass doors and LED lighting for a better presentation of your products




Reduction of tied up capital

When introducing i. cupboard, our experience shows that stocks can be reduced by 50% or even 75% without compromising supply security. This is due to the good flow of information and the better distinction between slow-moving and fast-moving items.

Access control via RFID Badge also makes material removal transparent, reducing material shrinkage within a short period of time.


Avoid missing parts

Stock determination methods based on postings have the disadvantage that errors are added up to the next inventory. There is only one way to avoid missing parts and the associated production downtimes: hamster. The resulting fear bearings can be avoided with i. cupboard. More transparency creates security.


Manage distributed warehouses

The i. cupboard system was created for distribution warehouses as well as for consignment warehouses, because:

  • it collects the stocks fully automatically
  • it informs about every single material withdrawal with time, number and consumer
  • it monitors whether the warehouses are sending
  • it gives you access through a single, secure point


Further advantages of the i. Cupboard:

  • 24 hours / 365 days availability
    The material is available at all times and can be reordered automatically if required. This allows you to concentrate on your core task again.
  • Personalized system
    Only authorized personnel have access to the stored material. Ideal for medications, toxic substances, chemicals etc.
  • Natural workflow
    Articles do NOT need to be scanned.
  • VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory)
    Supplier-managed Inventory (SMI) is a logistical means of improving supply chain performance where the supplier has access to the customer's inventory and demand data.
  • transparency
    At any time WHO knows WHEN, WHAT, WHERE, WHERE, HOWVIEL has taken.
  • Additional distribution channel
    As a supplier, you can bring your products even better to your customers in a unique way.
  • Inventory/stock status at the push of a button
    Real consumption per person or purchase from stock minutes current.
  • Decentralized material warehouse
    Avoidance of idle times or additional delivery costs. Perfectly suited for areas with lock access, sterile zones etc.
  • TOP Safety
    On the one hand, the products are safely stored. On the other hand, occupational safety can also be optimized.



Robust sheet steel cabinet in the dimensions 1070 x 2000 x 540 mm (W x H x D):

  • Paintwork in RAL 7035 or RAL 7016, special paintwork on request
  • Electrical connection 100-230 VAC, connected load: 1. 3 A
  • Interfaces: SOAP, XML, Web Platform, EDIfact
  • Closing mechanism with RFID recognition Supported card systems: MIFARE (LEGIC and other systems on request)
  • Various shelf types for optional assembly
  • Height adjustment in increments of 25 mm
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