KKS Basic Line

Compact ultrasonic solutions for highest levels of cleanliness and flexibility. In the dental lab, the dentist's office or with the hearing aid specialist: The KKS Basic Line table top devices are the ideal solution for small to medium business professionals applications!

The KKS Basic Line provides you with the highest degree of cleanliness with relatively short cleaning cycles, even in the case of complex, delicate parts with structured, porous surfaces and tiniest grooves or holes:

Powerful ultrasonics

  • High efficiency levels with constant power output


  • User-friendly control elements for adjusting time, temperature and the special functions

Hygienic surfaces

  • Chemically and mechanically resistant stainless steel for permanently safe hygienic surfaces

Dripping edge

  • A dripping edge effectively protects the controls from excess cleaning liquid

Degas function

  • For rapid degassing of the medium prior to cleaning

Boost function

  • Increases cleaning performance by 25 percent to remove persistent contamination

Sweep function

  • Shifting the maximum sound pressure level ensures a uniform sound field distribution and cleaning action in the bath


  • Broad range of practical, high-quality accessories


  • 24 months 
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