Successful internal gear mass production by µ-MIM technology

Micro MIM technology realizes internal gear mass production with a world-leading measurement and analysis system which supports the gear quality assurance.

The picture shows an example of mass-produced micro internal gear; external diameter 2mm, internal diameter 1.7 mm, length 6.045mm. 

Our proprietary µ-MIM (micro metal injection molding) technology realizes mass production of special gears such as micro gear, integrated gear, stepped gears, and gear having different specifications in lap, and so on those designs are not applicable to mass production by machining. Especially the internal gear, it is possible to have gear teeth until the very end of the bottom lit, which is impossible by machining.  For the smallest internal mass production, we have experienced is a module of 0.045 mm and we are capable to produce even smaller gears. Additionally, µ-MIM can achieve high strength and geometric tolerance by integrating parts in any shape including the tooth and its root design. 

It is important the gear quality assurance the extra small gear or integrated special designed gear.  It is applied measurement X-ray CT scanner and high-end optical 3D measurement system, which are having single micron resolution, for our quality assurance. Those 3D data will be analyzed by applying our original gear analysis model. Our analysis system also simulates the post assemble movement or structure fitting if the other components’ 3D design data is accessible. 

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