Titan Grade 5 ELI

Titan Grade 5 ELI has high biocompatibility and is very well accepted by the human body. The material is therefore particularly used in the medical field for surgical implants and dental prosthetics.

Ti-6Al-4V ELI / Grade 5 ELI (extra low interstitials) belongs to the alpha-beta group. It is a variant of grade 5, the most commonly used titanium alloy. Compared to grade 5, the material has a higher purity. It is used almost exclusively for surgical implants and dental prosthetics in medical technology.

The great advantage of the biomaterial is its excellent biocompatibility and the absence of toxic and allergenic components. As a result, this alloy is very well accepted by the human body and an immunological rejection reaction (implant allergy) is prevented.

BIBUS METALS AG supplies you with Titan Grade 5 ELI. For this purpose we have a large stock program at our disposal. Our range includes:

  • Rods according to ASTM F136 & ISO 5832-3
  • Sheets according to ASTM F136 & ISO 5832-3

The standard lengths are 2000 to 6000 mm. On request, Bibus Metals cuts bars and sheets (tolerance +2/-0 mm).


Typical areas of application for the material

Due to its very good corrosion resistance in contrast to other metals, Titan Grade 5 ELI has proven itself in many areas of medical technology.

Dental surgery

  • Grade 5 ELI titanium is used for maxillofacial implants
  • Crowns and bridges for the anterior and posterior region can be fabricated.
  • Compared to gold alloys, titanium grade 5 ELI is much cheaper and is therefore often used for crowns and bridges.


Trauma Surgery/Surgical Orthopaedics

  • Titan Grade 5 ELI is now used as standard for osteosynthesis (screws, plates, nails) and for bone implants (artificial knee and hip joints).
  • The material can also be used well for shaped parts for the restoration of bones


Our promise of quality

As a supplier of titanium and titanium alloys (and nickel and nickel alloys), quality is important to us in every respect. Since August 1994 we have been working strictly according to the acquired ISO 9001 guidelines of the quality and management system. We only supply material which we procure, control and store and retrieve according to these rules. We ensure traceability over 12 years (on request up to 30 years) and thus meet the requirements of product liability.

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