Ultrasonic Cleaning - our core competence

Ultrasonic cleaning is a very effective and gentle process to thoroughly clean all types of materials, as well as fine-structured, porous, open-pore surfaces and the most complicated geometries, without the need for additional manual work or damage.

The application range extends from the smallest components of microelectronics and optics through medical implants to voluminous parts of the automotive industry.

For ultrasonic cleaning, KKS develops and produces simple table-top units, compact single-chamber systems as well as customer-specific system solutions.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Avoid time- and cost-intensive manual cleaning
  • Increase productivity
  • Clean surfaces, down to the pores
  • Clean most complicated geometries, structured, porous surfaces, narrow gaps or blind holes
  • Few chemical additives
  • Automated cleaning process for reproducible results
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Product groups:
Equipment post-processing, surfaces
    Surface cleaning

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