Material innovation by μ-MIM® technology

Thanks to the developments in powder production technology, it is possible to obtain fine, uniform metal powder, so that the possibility of using the mixing method for elemental powders is higher than years ago. Let our R&D department realize a series production with your ideal new alloy material.

Our R&D team supports your material innovation by μ-MIM® technology

Surely, the traditional elemental powder mixing method is available. Thanks to recent great developments in powder manufacturing technology, it is possible to gain fine uniform metal powder, thus the possibility of elemental powder mixing method is higher than even just a few years ago. Additionally, powder technology development has realised the ideal new pre-alloy powder manufacturing. The latest powder manufacturing produces pre-alloy powder with precisely controlled composition, which the additives are decided based on first-principle calculation. 

These latest powder is often used in additive manufacturing, therefore a very small range of powder size is consumed for the trial and the rest of the powders are wasted. However, in μ-MIM® technology trial, it is possible to use a wider range of powder size compared with the additive manufacturing, in both small and large size, thus it is expected for higher material yield.

Micro MIM Japan R&D team conducts new material development applying our µ-MIM® technology experiences in-house. We have applied various types of analysis equipment such as X-ray CT, scanning electron microscopes (SEM), optical 3D measurement system, universal tensile test machine, carbon analyzer, etc. for our serial production and so to the trial or development level.  

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