0.03 mm hole micro nozzle by MIM technology

The world's first nozzle with a hole of only 0.03 mm (material: 17-4 PH) in MIM industry made of difficult - to - cut material by Micro MIM Japan Inc.

Micro MIM Japan Holdings Inc. succeeded in mass production of a micro nozzle φ0.03 mm with an aspect ratio of 5.


By machining, the smallest diameter is about φ 0.05 mm at this moment. We employ the latest super fine metal powder in our mass production and our μ-MIM technology realises dense smooth surface, roughness of Ra=0.3 without post-processing.

In microfabrication of a nozzle, it is difficult to achieve this surface quality even with the latest laser additive manufacturing technology due to the problem of dross deposit or residual thermal stress etc. If you are looking for production of ultra-small nozzles with complicated flow path design, please do not hesitate to consult Micro MIM Japan Holdings Inc.


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