Showcase 29 November 2017

Back training device with high-precision sensors

Cicor supports Hocoma from the idea through to the realized product. The sensors include latest Bluetooth Smart Technology and a 3D gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer. Special challenges were among others International Protection (IP protection), biocompatibility, as well as product safety.

The latest technology standards for therapeutic exercises with playful flair

Two Bluetooth sensors record the movements of the trunk and transmit the data to the exercise  software in a mobile receiver. This gives patients and therapists real-time feedback and an immediate training evaluation. The clinical exercises are didactically structured and have been specially developed for movement therapy of the lower back. The softwarecontrolled exercises support and encourage stepwise learning of complex and multi-dimensional movements.

Valedo was especially developed for long-term promotion of back health and helps prevent back pain. Therapeutic exercises developed for functional movement therapy of the lower back, in combination with motivating and entertaining games, train the back muscles, mobilize the spine and contribute to improved movement awareness.

The sensors of the registered medical device include the latest Bluetooth Smart Technology (low energy) and therefore set new technology standards. Each sensor contains a 3D gyroscope, a 3D accelerometer and a 3D magnetometer and so can record full 360 degree movements. The…

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