Showcase 7 December 2017

DenciTec® - takes miniaturization to the next level

DenciTec® enables a uniquely high density of integrated functions for printed circuit boards, with high throughput and attractive costs. With DenciTec®, the potential for further miniaturization is moving in a direction that offers great benefits.

Pacemakers, neurostimulators, cochlear implants and other smart implants give many patients a new quality of life. To achieve this end and to exploit the ever-increasing performance of integrated circuits, printed circuit boards have to be packed more densely. This is not possible without new production processes or new combinations of processes, in order to keep costs under control while maximizing throughput.

In microelectronics the boundaries between thin film and printed circuit technology is become increasingly blurred. Thin film technology works with materials, processes and machines from both fields and thereby aims to make great progress with regard to miniaturization. Cicor is a technological leader in these fields, not least due to the unique combination of printed circuit boards and thin film technology under one roof. To fulfil all customer requirements, Cicor already offers several combined technologies and is continuously working on its further development. 

The standard methods used today (panel plating and pattern plating) deliver good results, with conductor widths and spacings down to 50 µm. Where structures are…

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