Micro MIM for complex parts with tight tolerances

A well-known medical device manufacturer uses the micro MIM technology for the production of complex parts. Through an optimization of the feedstock material, the requirements in regards of tolerances, surface roughness, hardness and ductility could be fulfilled.

The challenge of the client

The client for whom we developed these parts are one of the most well-known medical device manufacturer in the world. This component has complicated 3 dimensional design and very tight tolerance requirement. The mass production could not be realised by machining due to the high processing cost.


The solution with micro MIM

The client had contacted other MIM manufacture but only TAISEI KOGYO accepted this manufacturing development due to its difficulty.

We have applied our micro-MIM technology to realize this mass production. First, we optimized our feedstock, which is a mixture of binder and metal powder, to achieve the requirements to realize this project. Not only tight tolerance but also certain surface roughness, hardness, and ductility were required . It is crucial to use appropriate material to achieve the product requirement and reliable mass production in MIM.

The parts require very tight tolerance thus we had to optimize our mold precisely in single micro millimeter order. We applied our latest optical measurement system and analysis system to this mold optimization.

This mold optimization also applied to our quality assurance. It is difficult to assure the tolerance of complicated designed components, however, our optical 3D measurement system can support our quality assurance with numerical data.

Additionally, MIM is an oil free process unlike machining, which is ideal for medical device manufacturing. We also catered for secondary process (surface treatment) required for the components after the MIM production.

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