Digitization and miniaturization

Ever-smaller and more networked medical technology is a continuing trend in the healthcare sector. There is a shift towards person-centered, individualized approaches to medical prevention, diagnostics, therapy and care – so both suppliers and manufacturers are focusing more attention on miniaturized parts, chips and wireless modules as well as data and energy storage solutions.

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Brütsch Elektronik AG October 7, 2021

Miniaturization in Medical Imaging

Nadia Neumayer from Brütsch Electronics explains how micro-cameras for medical imaging open new perspectives for diagnostics and treatment. She presents an overview on the prospects of medical micro-cameras, the challenges, their applications and an outlook on future innovations.

Brütsch Elektronik AG July 6, 2021

Mini endoscope camera with display device

At a customer's request, we developed, verified, industrialized and tested a mini endoscope camera with display device for ENT applications. Today, we take care of assembly, product maintenance, and service. We are proud to be able to manufacture and test up to 10,000 units of the device per year.

CSEM June 25, 2021
Service Highlight

Personalised health care - Solutions for our future

Digital Health - Biotech - Diagnostics. CSEM develops technologies for these key areas and transfers them to the industrial sector. This paves the way towards personlised health care.

CSEM June 25, 2021

Aktiia - The revolution in monitoring blood pressure

CSEM has developed an optical method for measuring blood pressure: the revolutionary technology was commercialised as a medical product by the company Aktiia at the beginning of 2021.

Revolve Healthcare June 22, 2021
Service Highlight

Agile software development outsourcing for medical companies

Revolve Healthcare provides two major IT outsourcing services for healthcare companies: team augmentation that helps to strengthen customers in-house IT team and managed projects to build new digital products.

Solectrix GmbH May 7, 2020
Product Highlight

sinaSCOPE: 3D digital microscopy platform

sinaSCOPE is the new, compact 3D digital microscopy platform from Solectrix. With this system, all optical, eyepiece-based stereomicroscopes can be expanded to a digital microscope with two 4K cameras and a 3D monitor. The optical properties of the microscope remain unchanged.

konplan January 28, 2020

Design smart with IoMT Medtech

Our society is developing rapidly. People are getting older, medical care is becoming more expensive, diseases are becoming more complex. Find out why it is worthwhile to push technological development and how you can establish the Internet of Medical Things sustainably.

Swiss Medtech Expo December 10, 2019

Revolution in blood pressure measurement

Disruptive technology is well on the way to replacing the more than 100-year-old method of measuring blood pressure: Optical blood pressure measurement for continuous measurement without pressure cuff. Mathieu Lemay, Head Signal Processing & Control CSEM, explains how this was achieved.

Senstech AG July 25, 2019

Pressure Monitoring in Infusion Pumps with Thin Film Sensors

Senstech's thin-film strain gauge sensors offer a cost-effective and space-saving way to monitor the pressure in infusion pumps. Arcomed has been successfully using such sensors in its Syramed and Volumed product lines for many years.

SCHUNK Intec AG July 22, 2019

High-precision strength measurement

Researchers at the University of Bern use highly sensitive force-torque sensors from robotics to train Swiss squad shooters. What has already led to valuable findings for the perfect shot in top-class sport is now to be used increasingly in medicine and rehabilitation technology.

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