Efficiency and cost effectiveness

The pressure on margins is increasing and topics like efficiency and cost effectiveness become more important for medical technology companies. In this topic, you get to know approaches how to improve efficiency and cost effectiveness.

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IE Life Science July 24, 2022

René Gerber AG July 28, 2021
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Maybe you don’t have the space or it simply doesn’t make sense for you to invest in a brush de-burring or face polishing machine. If that is the case, our SurfaceExpertCentre is just the solution you need.

MessX AG January 28, 2021

Quality assurance with computer tomography

Hamilton Medical AG manufactures ventilation solutions for seriously ill patients. Using computed tomography, the company has been able to analyse and optimise the welding geometries of its flow sensors, resulting in a significant reduction in production waste.

Swiss Medtech Expo November 25, 2019

From 3D Model to Finish Parts

Low-cost airlines base their success on their capacity utilization. The same principle goes in the machinery industry. Still, about 45 % of the time the machining process is inefficient. At the SMTE Loic Moreau, ESPI, shows how the profitability in the manufacturing process can be maximized instead.

IFTEST AG August 6, 2019
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Series production: Printed circuit board assembly

In a difficult market environment, Iftest is a reliable partner for PCB layout, prototype production and high-volume SMT and THT assembly. Iftest delivers consistently high quality and is able to react flexibly to your needs, even when demand fluctuates greatly.

konplan June 5, 2019

Scrum in Medical Technology: Opportunities and Challenges

Speed, flexibility, and agility are critical success factors in the market. For companies, this means high time pressure in development projects. This field report shows you the opportunities and risks of agile development methods using the example of medical device development.

teltec systems ag February 14, 2019

FOBA Mosaic™: Marking without fixtures

FOBA Mosaic™, a highly effective function which enables operators to place to-be-marked parts in any orientation within the marking field without product fixtures.

konplan November 19, 2018
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Successful project management in the medtech industry

You hope for a successful, smooth implementation of your products and solutions in the medical industry? To ensure this, sovereign project management is indispensable. We offer you support with the help of sound advice from an interdisciplinary team.

KKS Ultraschall AG July 20, 2017

Alternative to in-house surface finishing

In-house facilities and processes for surface finishing of implants and other medtech products are expensiv. Get to know how the KKS Medical Surface Center represents an interesting economic alternative.

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