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APO ZDROWIE SP. Z O.O. September 14, 2021
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Original Logopedic Tools

Logopedic Tools for the examination of the frenulum and the vertical positioning of the tongue. Originally created at APO Zdrowie to care for the health of every patient.

Condair AG August 10, 2021
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Two adiabatic humidification methods intelligently combined

Condair DL: Efficient low-pressure air humidification system, effective disinfection with patented silver ionization, aerosol-free air thanks to ceramic post-evaporation element, very precise control.

Condair AG August 10, 2021

The importance of humidity in cleanrooms environment

Whether semiconductor production, medical and pharmaceutical research or nanotechnology: In clean rooms and special laboratories, the guarantee of permanently constant air humidity is a necessary condition for maintaining high and highest process standards.

Dastex Reinraumzubehör GmbH & Co. KG June 25, 2021
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Hood-goggles combinations

These Hood-goggles combinations are innovative eye slit hoods for use in GMP zones A and B as well as in cleanrooms. This unique product from Dastex is particularly adaptable and easy to use.

Solectrix GmbH May 7, 2020
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sinaSCOPE: 3D digital microscopy platform

sinaSCOPE is the new, compact 3D digital microscopy platform from Solectrix. With this system, all optical, eyepiece-based stereomicroscopes can be expanded to a digital microscope with two 4K cameras and a 3D monitor. The optical properties of the microscope remain unchanged.

KKS Ultraschall AG July 20, 2017
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KKS Basic Line

Compact ultrasonic solutions for highest levels of cleanliness and flexibility. In the dental lab, the dentist's office or with the hearing aid specialist: The KKS Basic Line table top devices are the ideal solution for small to medium business professionals applications!

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