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EMC-Testcenter AG April 27, 2022

Active Medical Devices – Flammability of insulation/plastic materials

Fire events in health care facilities could result in tragic consequences. To reduce the risk of such events occurring, materials in medical devices must fulfil various requirements. EMC Testcenter AG offers the capability to evaluate the flammability of insulation/plastic materials.

BioFIT & MedFIT December 6, 2021

Last days to register for MedFIT Digital 2021

MedFIT is just a few days away! Don't miss your chance to join 700+ international key innovation players from the MedTech, Diagnostic and Digital Health sectors.

EMC-Testcenter AG November 9, 2021

Active medical devices – Protective earthing as a means of protection

Protective earthing of accessible metal parts as a means of protection against electrical hazards: What is behind this? In this article we would like to show you why protective earthing can be lifesaving in the truest sense of the word.

EMC-Testcenter AG September 17, 2021

Active medical devices – Q&A means of protection against electrical hazards/electrical shock

An infallible safety concept is the highest priority for the construction of medical electrical equipment. But what needs to be taken in account for the concept? And how are means of protection realized? In this article you will find the most important questions and answers on this topic.

teltec systems ag December 29, 2020

FOBA White Paper: Laser Marking of Plastics and Resins

FOBA's 16-page whitepaper provides a comprehensive overview of the applications of plastics in medical technology and the automotive industry. It focuses on the specifics of laser marking methods and processes and the material requirements of plastics.

EPHJ July 16, 2020

EPHJ is stepping up and announces 2020 edition

Having been obliged to postpone its 2020 edition to September due to Covid-19, the largest annual trade fair in Switzerland will in fact take place this year in Geneva to contribute to the recovery of all the high-precision sectors.

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