Novel surfaces and coatings

Novel functional surfaces and coatings for medical applications exhibit patient benefits such as faster osseointegration or long lasting anti-microbial properties.

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Coat-X September 29, 2021

The Development of a High-Performance Reusable Face Mask

The talk identifies several key points pertaining to the reusability of face masks and explains the journey from the basic research and understanding of key physical variables to the development of a product. Presented by Dr. Andreas Hogg and Adrian Stan.

MetSuisse Distribution AG September 6, 2021

Metal solutions for the medical industry

We are the ISO 13485 certified stockist and supplier of blanks ready for machining of metals for the medical industry. Exactly according to your requirements. We also help to optimize your processes with our products and thus safe costs.

Niklaus LNI SA August 26, 2021
Service Highlight

Surface Technology for Medical Device Production

Metallic devices for the medical devices industry require qualified and certified processes such as anodizing, passivation, electropolishing and laser etching following the latest regulations. Niklaus LNI SA provides expertise and services from conception to production of OEM projects.

Niklaus LNI SA August 26, 2021

Surface technologies applied to modern medical devices

All medical devices require qualified, reliable and modern processing to deburr, clean, and protect from risks of corrosion. They also require modern laser markings and/or texturising for part identification for traceability. Niklaus LNI SA provides this expertise for Medical Device OEMs.

René Gerber AG July 29, 2021

Focus on perfectly de-burred bone plates

René Gerber AG in an interview with Mr Scheuble, Group Manager Process Engineering Plate, at Medartis AG Company. As a global innovation leader for implants, Medartis drives technologies and solutions and had had a Gerber brush polishing machine for de-burring titanium blanks since 2008.

Signer Titanium AG June 17, 2021
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Titanium sheets for the fixation of bone fractures

Signer Titanium maintains the world's largest stock of thin titanium sheets with a thickness of 1 mm - 3 mm. Your perfect contact for titanium semi-finished products for the manufacture of bone plates.

RMS Foundation June 10, 2020

How to measure topography and roughness

Surface structure and roughness play an important role in a variety of applications. In dental and orthopaedic implants, for example, the microstructure is decisive for the ingrowth of the bone. Learn how to reliably measure roughness and topography.

Steiger Galvanotechnique SA August 21, 2019
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Durable coloration of stainless steel

SPECTRACOAT® is a hard & wear resistant color coating, hypoallergenic, sterilizable, biocompatible and implantable. SPECTRACOAT® ist eine harte und verschleissfeste Farbbeschichtung. Sie ist hautverträglich, sterilisierbar, biokompatibel und implantierbar.

Coat-X June 11, 2019
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Innovative and biocompatible encapsulation technology

Innovative and biocompatible encapsulation technology using ultrathin multilayers to protect against corrosion, unique worldwide for its excellent hermeticity and minimal volume.

RMS Foundation June 3, 2019

Determination of particle cleanliness of a medical device

Particulate impurities in the medical device used endanger the safety of the patient. A tailor-made method was developed for the manufacturer of an abdominal dressing set to identify the particulate impurities and evaluate them toxicologically.

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