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teltec systems ag February 23, 2022
Service Highlight

FOBA Middleware: Laser marking software for easy integration

Choose the easy way: All relevant laser marking parameters can now be centrally controlled with FOBA Middleware! Comprehensive control via one software, only TCP/IP connection is required for the PLC.

teltec systems ag January 20, 2022

FOBA Case Study: Laser marking of dental products

You would like to learn how it's possible to create high-contrast, resilient and durable markings on dental products? Then download FOBA's application case study here.

Wymed AG September 7, 2021

Successful development / production of a diagnostic system

Successful development, production, industrialization and certification of an innovative diagnostic system for the mandible of Wymed in cooperation with Epmodex

epmodex GmbH September 7, 2021

Development and certification of a dental diagnostic system

epmodex AG, a medtech service provider from Duebendorf, developed, certified and produced a diagnostic system for the temporomandibular joint. The production of this high-precision system was carried out by our production partner Wymed AG.

TRUMPF Schweiz AG August 30, 2021

Surgical forceps, 3D printed – it's as simple as that!

With 3D printing, delicate products can be quickly produced as prototypes in small and medium-sized batches. One example is the medical forceps, made from 1.4542 / 17-4PH stainless steel, which were designed and printed on the TRUMPF TruPrint 2000 by the team at the Swiss m4m Center.

Emaform AG August 30, 2021

Medical training simulators

The company VIRTAMED AG was looking for a partner to manufacture lightweight and dimensionally stable components which also offer an attractive appearance. By using polyurethane integral hard foam, components could be produced which offer added value compared to the previous product.

Niklaus LNI SA August 26, 2021

Surface technologies applied to modern medical devices

All medical devices require qualified, reliable and modern processing to deburr, clean, and protect from risks of corrosion. They also require modern laser markings and/or texturising for part identification for traceability. Niklaus LNI SA provides this expertise for Medical Device OEMs.

mollet AG August 23, 2021
Service Highlight

Development support and industrialization

You are at the beginning of a project. You have an idea and don't know exactly how to implement it. We work out inputs on design, technology and feasibility with you.

PHOTON ENERGY GmbH August 10, 2021

Dark marking PERMAblack

A rich blackening of the surface of metals using the CEPHEUS ultrashort pulse laser and our unique PERMAblack process. The markings created with this laser appear deep black and that, unlike annealing colors, regardless of the viewing angle.

PHOTON ENERGY GmbH August 10, 2021
Product Highlight


The WORKSTATION laser system from PHOTON ENERGY GmbH impresses with its individual application options and user-friendliness as an ideal tool for UDI- and MDR-compliant product marking in medical technology.

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