Trend topics in medical technology illustrates how new technologies and solutions lead to innovation in the medtech industry. In the trend topics, you get inputs for your own projects.

Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing, also called 3D printing, has large potential for medical applications: acceleration of product development, small series production, patient specific solutions and much more. This topic discusses this potential.

Biologically active materials

Bioactive materials that interact with human cell tissue have beneficial effects in many therapeutic applications from wound management to implantable medical devices and synthetic tissue grafts.

Digitization and miniaturization

The fact that medical technology is becoming ever smaller and more networked is a continuing trend in the healthcare sector. Miniaturized components, chips, radio modules as well as data and energy storage systems are thus moving into the focus of suppliers and manufacturers.

Efficiency and cost effectiveness

The pressure on margins is increasing and topics like efficiency and cost effectiveness become more important for medical technology companies. In this topic, you get to know approaches how to improve efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is the current buzzword in production. However, what does it mean in the context of medical technology? This is the question of the topic Industry 4.0.

Injection moulding innovations

The integration of functions, full automation and faster cycles are among the most important trends in injection molding for medical technology, but also difficult to handle materials such as liquid silicone and sterile production are increasingly needed for innovation.

Innovative Materials

Various new materials, such as ceramics or fiber composites, enable new applications in medical technology. Get inspired by the many applications in this topic.

Internet of things and connectivity

The Internet of things expands the sensory possibilities of medical products by rendering patterns of use visible and thus unlocking the transformative possibilities of a networked healthcare system.

Novel surfaces and coatings

Novel functional surfaces and coatings for medical applications exhibit patient benefits such as faster osseointegration or long lasting anti-microbial properties.

Patient-specific, additive manufactured products

Patient-specific medical technology offers unique advantages over mass-produced products. More and more often, additive manufacturing processes in different materials are applied to realize them.

Processing of materials that are difficult to machine

Specially shaped instruments and medical device parts made of difficult-to-machine material pose complex challenges to machining. Process reliability can be achieved by optimally coordinating the substrate, geometry, layer and surface.

Smart design & engineering

How can the performance of medical products be improved through design and engineering? That is the question of this topic.

Smart packaging solutions

Intelligent packaging provides the manufacturer or end user with a clear added value. Smart solutions are characterized, for example, by simple traceability, through antimicrobial surfaces or permeable plastics or contain active ingredients that are already introduced during production.

Successfully mastering the new MDR & IVDR

Given the breadth of the new regulations, manufacturers need to have a plan in place now in order to ensure compliance by the deadlines. We present keys to successfully mastering the new MDR & IVDR.

The clean room as a success factor

Due to the high hygiene requirements in medical technology, the planning, realisation and operation of clean rooms are decisive success factors in the production, assembly and packaging of MedTech products.

Time to market

The innovation cycles become faster and time-to-market more important. Discover in this topic, how you can launch your products and services faster.

Out-of-the-box topics

Medical technology by definition is Interdisciplinary, innovative and pioneering. Let our out-of-the-box topics inspire you to new product and service ideas.

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