Product Swiss Medtech Expo 2023

3D metal printer for the finest and most complex geometries

You can work creatively - the AL3D-METAL system turns it into a product. The new AL3D-METAL 200 3D printer is characterised by particularly clean and economical powder handling. In addition, its fine laser spot is ideal for the finest and most complex geometries.

Enormous flexibility in design and geometry

With 3D metal printing, you can produce components that meet high quality standards, are very precise and offer enormous flexibility in terms of design and geometry. Additive manufacturing with metal is resource-saving, as it is built up layer by layer and not milled from the solid.

Our metal 3D printer is equipped with a 200 W fibre laser, which ensures consistent and optimal printing results. Its fine laser spot and high beam quality are ideal for producing the finest and most complex geometries.

The closed powder circuit provides a plus for work safety, as the operator does not come into contact with the powder during the entire printing process. 

Specially developed for precision mechanics, medical technology, dental and jewellery industries as well as research and development laboratories, our 3D printer offers optimal detail accuracy, precision and the highest level of safety when handling the laser and the metal powder.


Closed powder circuit ensures best material utilisation 

Especially in jewellery production, where high-priced metals must not be wasted, the closed powder circuit and the small build platform size of the 3D metal printer enable the best material utilisation. The sophisticated powder bed layout with integrated cleaning routine also delivers a high powder yield. The closed gas circuit with enclosed filter cartridges enables work with reactive materials as standard and ensures minimal gas consumption when 3D printing metal.

At the same time, the AL3D-METAL requires very little space. With a footprint of 60 x 60 cm, the system also fits into small rooms.


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