Product Swiss Medtech Expo 2021

BP-MX, the robust brushing and polishing machine

The BP-MX for process-reliable deburring, defined edge honing and reproducible polishing - a product of René Gerber AG, the mechanical engineering company with over 65 years of experience.

Deburring, edge rounding and polishing - efficient and process-safe

The BP-MX brushes away sharp edges and burrs, brushes precisely defined radii and contours onto edges and simultaneously polishes the surface to the very finest finishes. She reproduces calculated results with consistent accuracy and used particularly for parts with a diameter of about 0.5 to 250 mm in medium to large series.

Years of working with various end-users and the evolution of machining processes has led to the robust and future-oriented BP-MX. This generation of modular machines, in addition to known processes, allows precision deburring in wet and dry modes.

Main areas

Flat and patterned components are simultaneously brushed on a planetary polishing table. The rotary motions of table, workpiece and brush can deburr the edges or produce a controlled radius alon workpiece edges. The entire top surface is also polished during this process
For rotary parts we have developed various rotary tables.There are tables available with fixed or adjustable tilting spindles. This includes conventional cylindrical or HSK workholding.

You can find more information about the BP-MX here