Product Swiss Medtech Expo 2023

Cleanroom production for life sciences products

We offer packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, which we manufacture in our GMP C class clean room. In this way, we guarantee absolute purity of the product and contamination-free insertion into our customers' filling systems.

We manufacture individual components and completely assembled units. With 
injection moulding machines of up to 500 tonnes clamping force. Whether made of standard plastic or high-quality technical thermoplastic, whether according to GMP class C, ISO 7 or ISO 8: we fulfil all cleanroom requirements at all times requirements and are, of course, also certified according to ISO 13485.

In the clean room of GMP class ISO7/ GMP C, we manufacture, for example, tubs and nests for the packaging of medical syringes. With single and double injection moulds, with robotic systems and with automated packaging and labelling. 

Our spectrum for the production of plunger rods for medical syringes ranges from 0.5 to 50 millilitres. Thanks to the high clamping force, particularly efficient 
efficient solutions with multi-cavity moulds are possible.