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Completely validated packaging solutions – MDR compliant!

With a pre-validated packaging solution featuring a packaging machine in combination with a sterile barrier system, you can significantly shorten the validation process which is so time-consuming, lower your costs, reduce the personal required and moreover meet all the requirements of the new MDR!

When you opt for our new unique offer of the C6 Medical from VC999 and high quality packaging materials from VP Medical Packaging, you get an adapted version of the existing packaging validation for an unbeatable low price!


The benefits of our collaboration with machine manufacturer VC999 at a glance

Pre-validated packaging process, directly fulfilling your goals:

  • Validation processes reduced from several months to just a few weeks
  • Additional validation of further certified materials possible
  • Requalification with VC999 available
  • Ultra flexible and fast format change
  • Significant reduction in tool costs compared with conventional rigid blister packaging (up to 70%)

Flexible packaging – unbeatable

  • Large selection of certified and established materials: PA/PE, DuPontTMTyvek®, paper and film
  • Guaranteed shelf life of 6 years under storage conditions up to 30°C and 60% humidity (our aim is a shelf life of 10 years, based on ongoing ageing studies)
  • Production in Class 7 and 8 cleanroom
  • Added optimal aseptic features in use with peelable transparent bag
  • Cost-effective and easy to handle, eco-friendly and requiring significantly less storage space than conventional rigid blister packaging

C6 Medical from VC999 - the space-saving product that`s an all-rounder

  • A All-in-One machine for almost all pouch applications


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