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Cranberry - Gloves & masks

At Cranberry, we stress utmost importance on providing products of superior quality. Therefore, we constantly strive to develop products with the highest protection, comfort, and strength. After thriving in this industry for many years, we truly understand your needs and demands as a professional.

Cranberry inovative products

First touch: In an average manufacturing process, gloves and masks may come in human skin contact up to 8 times. With ultimate hygiene in mind, Cranberry products are First Touch® manufactured, examined, and packaged with zero direct skin contact exposure. Don't just put on any gloves and masks, look for our First Touch® logo and be assured that you are doing the best you can to protect yourself and your patients.

1Direction: All Cranberry gloves are packaged in the proprietary 1 Direction™ packaging which allows each glove to be dispensed by the cuff, minimizing direct skin contact with the finger and palm surfaces of the glove. This innovative packaging technology helps reduce the risk of cross contamination.

Moisture Look: In order to promote skin integrity, we have developed an innovative line of products coated with a proprietary formulation of lanolin and vitamins created to soothe symptoms of dehydration and irritation. Together, this powerful combination is designed to significantly improve skin health. Our Moisture Lock® series helps to internally protect by preventing skin irritation such as dryness, itching, and cracked skin with unique lanolin and vitamin formulations.

COSMO 4ply Earloop Face Masks: Explore the mind and awaken your senses with Cranberry’s new dual color masks! Cosmo Face Masks offer ASTM Level 3 protection with high fluid resistance and greater than 99% BFE/PFE at 0.1 micron. Quad-Fold® design provides greater comfort with 15% more breathing volume. Nose and chin adjustment strips for custom fit and protection. Available in 3 iridescent dual colors for a unique dynamic visual appeal - Comet Blue, Galactic Green, and Stellar Purple.