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Development heart-lung machine (HLM)

In Switzerland, eight dedicated students at ETH Zurich are setting new standards. Their project byPulse has a clear goal: risk-free operations on newborns with heart defects. How? With an MRI-safe heart-lung machine.

Every year, 200 Swiss newborns require surgical intervention due to heart defects. A heart-lung machine (HLM) is used to maintain blood flow and oxygen supply during the operation. But infants in particular have different brain structures than adults, so the optimal settings for the HLM are still unclear. This can lead to long-term neurological damage and trauma.

The solution

The byPulse team didn't let obstacles stop them. Backed by BIBUS AG and an MRI-compatible air motor, they set their sights on a groundbreaking, MRI-safe heart-lung machine. In collaboration with top cardiac surgeons at the University Hospital Zurich (USZ) and pd|z engineers, they are relying on medical know-how and technical innovation.

The result could revolutionize pediatric cardiac surgery, increasing precision and mitigating consequences. ByPulse is thus shaping the future of pediatric heart health.

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