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From tube to customer-specific tube assembly for the highest demands

The requirements for tubes in medical and laboratory technology are enormous: minimum diameters and wall thicknesses, chemical resistance, temperature resistance, no permeation, pressure resistance, flexibility etc. KonMed offers individual solutions, on reel or processed to tube assemblies.

KonMed supports you in your project from the design of tubes to the customised tube assembly. In doing so, we focus on the areas of material selection, design of the connecting elements and construction of the complete system.


Made to measure
We supply tubes on rolls, cut to length or as customized tube assembly.

Customised tube assembly
We provide the tubes assembled with components and connecting elements. In addition, we lay out the tube material continuously for a safe transport of the medium, so that the medium comes into contact with only one material. 

Preformed tubing
This means fewer potential leaks or dead volumes and space-saving, lightweight systems.

Spiral tubing
They allow freedom of movement for dynamic equipment. Short spiralised sections are also possible.

Reinforced tubing
With metal or plastic reinforcement, we provide stability at high internal pressure, optimized kinking behavior, transmission of axial and torsional forces. Choose between coiled or braided amplification.

Multilayer tubing
This multilayer extrusion is used as permeation barrier, optimized body and drug compatibility, adhesive and sliding properties, contrast lines.

Multilumen tubing
Multilumen tubing is used for integrating separate media channels, pull wires, etc. The design can be customised.

Tubing for every need
PEEK, fluoroplastics, thermoplastics, etc.: We have a large standard range and the appropriate materials for applications in medical and laboratory technology.

Standard tubings or customised extrusion
The focus is on the requirement - from standard to customised tubing design, all options are open.

ISO 13485
Rely on us as a reliable, certified partner - for your successful product.

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