Product Swiss Medtech Expo 2023

Industrial and automotive hydraulics ( IMH - Industrial MicroHydraulics )

Medical equipment is tasked with saving lives and improving patient care — therefore, each piece of that equipment must support this vital mission. The Lee Company offers components that have upheld this responsibility time and again.

Check Valves, Pressure Relief, Orifices, Flow Controls, Safety Screens, Betaplugs

In 1991, The Lee Company founded the Industrial Microhydraulics (IMH) Division to adapt its proven design concepts to meet the higher volume production, performance and cost requirements of automotive, industrial hydraulic and medical applications. Using design techniques similar to those used for the Lee Plugs, valves, restrictors and safety screens that have logged millions of flight hours in aerospace applications, The IMH Division can now offer products of the same reliability and consistent performance, in very high quantities. These products are produced in an efficient, automated factory to the exacting standards of IATF16949.