News Swiss Medtech Expo 2023

New Product at Long-standing Client Wins the SLAS New Product Award '23: GBN Systems Supported the Successful Project!

Long-standing partnerships are a hallmark of our business success. Our extensive base of loyal customers, who have been collaborating with us in development and manufacturing for decades, attests to the reliability and quality that GBN Systems provides.

GBN Systems' long-standing and globally successful partner and customer, Dynamic Biosensors, is launching new products this year!

Introducing the biosensor devices: HeliXcyto and HeliX+!

The heliX series, comprising models heliX/heliX+ and heliXcyto, facilitates the exploration of molecular interactions. Models heliX and heliX+ employ switchSENSE® technology to analyze molecule-to-molecule interactions.

The heliXcyto device has been awarded the SLAS (Society of Laboratory Automation and Screening) New Product Award 2023. It utilizes an innovative technology known as Real-Time Interaction Cytometry (RT-IC) to directly measure the interactions of molecules with receptors on cell surfaces.

At GBN Systems, we take great pride in witnessing the successful realization of these devices and the resulting satisfaction.

These achievements underscore the effectiveness of our work and reaffirm its targeted focus.

GBN Systems' contributions included:

  • Advancing an extensive housing concept
  • Mechatronics and assembly of housing components
  • Design and manufacturing of aesthetically oriented components

...and more exciting projects are currently in progress...

To learn more, we welcome you to visit us at our booth!