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KVH Hartung GmbH

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We will manufacture your products in the highest qualityand at the best terms according to your requirements using

Offers, Brands, Standards

  • P Surface coating
  • P Post-processing, surface treatment
  • P Standard plastics
  • P Materials
  • P Engineering plastics
  • P Semi-finished products
  • P Further plastics
  • P Thermoforming machines
  • P Processing (machines, peripherals, tools)
  • S Further services development
  • S Consulting, engineering, data generation
  • S Injection molding tools
  • S Mold- and toolmaking
  • S Prototyping
  • S Contract manufacturing
  • S Consulting
  • S Injection molding thermoplastics
  • S Further injection molding
  • S Joining of plastics
  • S Further contract manufacturing plastic
  • S Milling, turning, grinding
  • S Further contract manufacturing
  • S Surface coating
  • S Post-processing, surfaces
  • S Further post-processing, surfaces
  • S Equipment manufacturing
  • S Further packaging
  • S Packaging
  • S Printing, marking
  • S DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

About us

The products that we manufactured for our customers
during the last 50 years can be found in almost all areas of
life. Whether for interior or exterior use, the machining of
special materials for aircraft manufacturing or for all types
of technical components, we will ensure that your product
reaches its full effect. Why not allow yourself to be inspired by
our product presentations!

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KVH Hartung GmbH
Konrad-Zuse-Bogen 20
D82152 Krailling

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 Jürgen Krebs

Jürgen Krebs

Development manager / customer advisory

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