Innovation Symposium: Difficult-to-machine materials

Complex challenges have to be overcome when specially formed instruments and parts for medical devices are produced from materials that are difficult to machine. Attend the Innovation Symposium at the Swiss Medtech Expo to learn how optimum coordination is the key to achieving process reliability.

The Innovation Symposium conveys expert knowledge – gained from practice, for use in practice. On Wednesday, 11 September 2019, experts will be speaking from 10:00 am to 11:30 am about the background and projects currently underway in the field of "Processing difficult-to-machine materials".


  • Bearbeitung von ultraharten Materialien in Höchstpräzision
    Rolf Hemmann, Hemmann Schleiftechnik GmbH und Brotec AG
  • Bearbeitung von CFK mit Ultrakurzpuls-Lasern
    Dr.-Ing. Christian Freitag, LightPulse LASER PRECISION



Some presentations will be held in German.