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Signer Titanium AG September 13, 2021
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TITAN BY SIGNER - added value for our customers

Thanks to our many years of experience and expertise, our worldwide network of relationships and our proven services, we offer our customers real added value.

Niklaus LNI SA September 7, 2021
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Advanced laser technologies and electrochemical processing

Expertise in managing short pulsed laser technologies allows Niklaus LNI SA to texturize surfaces including sand or bead blasting, black markings, polishing without mechanical contact with the parts. This is complements the electrochemical processing (anodizing, electropolishing, passivation).

Walter Meier (Fertigungslösungen) AG September 7, 2021
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FANUC Robodrill D21SiB5 with turning function

Combine the just 955 mm wide FANUC Robodrill, our WM ToolPlus® and the "TAP9" rotary table from Lehmann and you have a 5-axis simultaneous machining solution that is hard to beat in swissness per square meter.

Niklaus LNI SA August 26, 2021
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Surface Technology for Medical Device Production

Metallic devices for the medical devices industry require qualified and certified processes such as anodizing, passivation, electropolishing and laser etching following the latest regulations. Niklaus LNI SA provides expertise and services from conception to production of OEM projects.

SAMAPLAST AG August 10, 2021
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Success story Sternum ZipFix system made of PEEK

The Sternum ZipFix system made of PEEK has been a success story for over 10 years. From the initial idea to project collaboration and market launch. Read more about it here.

SAMAPLAST AG August 10, 2021
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AM in a Certified Environment under DIN SPEC 17071

Additive Manufacturing (AM) in a certified environment according to DIN SPEC 17071 (later ISO ASTM 52920) and controlled conditions (clean room ISO 8 in operation) from the idea to the prototype to the sterile packaged medical product or implant.

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Titanium, Cobalt & Inox for Implants and Instruments

You need raw material in form of wire, round bars, plates, sheets or blanks? Then you have come to the right place. In our fully automated warehouse in Möhlin, we store materials such as titanium, cobalt alloys and stainless steel in various sizes and dimensions.

TS Quality & Engineering August 6, 2021
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e-IFU/eManuals Solution - Smart Tools for Compliance

We provide an innovative tool to manage your IFU digitally and in full compliance with MDR regulation. This will result in huge savings and burden reduction for your company.

René Gerber AG July 29, 2021

Focus on perfectly de-burred bone plates

René Gerber AG in an interview with Mr Scheuble, Group Manager Process Engineering Plate, at Medartis AG Company. As a global innovation leader for implants, Medartis drives technologies and solutions and had had a Gerber brush polishing machine for de-burring titanium blanks since 2008.

Swiss m4m Center AG July 16, 2021

From titanium powder to hip implants

In an article recently published in Empa's magazine "Empa Quarterly", it is clearly shown how it goes from a pile of titanium powder to finished printed acetabular cups.

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