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With 11,000 standard components SCHUNK offers the world’s largest assortment of gripping systems and clamping technology from one source, and with 2,550 SCHUNK grippers the largest product range of standard grippers. The complete program of gripping systems comprises more than 4,000 components.

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About us

With a pioneering spirit and perfection we are setting standards worldwide.

The company was founded in 1945 by Friedrich Schunk as a mechanical workshop and has developed under the leadership of Heinz-Dieter Schunk to a competence and world market leader for gripping systems and clamping technology. Today, the company is run by the third generation siblings Henrik A. Schunk and Kristina I. Schunk
3,400 employees in 9 plants and 34 directly owned subsidiaries and distribution partners in more than 50 countries throughout the world ensure an intensive market presence.
The main customers are all manufacturing companies with assembly, handling and metal-cutting processes. The customer base includes the Who's Who of mechanical engineering, robotics, automation and assembly handling, and all the renowned automotive brands and their suppliers.

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Schützenstrasse 25
8355 Aadorf

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 Robel Getachew

Robel Getachew

Head of Cobots & New Markets

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