3D morphology measurement technology to evaluate our μ-MIM

Our quality assurance department utilises non-destructive 3D measurement system with numerical analysis system which capable to compare the measurement data with the CAD data and so on

3D morphology measurement technology to evaluate our μ-MIM

Micro MIM Japan Holding Inc. utilises 2 type of non-destructive measurement equipment to support our μ-MIM quality assurance.


1. Optical  measurement system

An optical 3D measurement system ATOS from GOM is employed for our quality assurance. Our ATOS system is specialised in micro- order measurement, thus, careful preparation of specimen is also required. We have been developed optimal measurement parameters or preparation procedure for small complicated design MIM parts over 10 years. The MIM geometry data is capable to compare to the 3D CAD data, thus it is indispensable to our quality assurance, especially in complicated small components.


2. X-ray CT measurement system

Our X-ray CT scanner offers both internal and external geometry data of metal components from a scan in micro- order. It enables to observe not only the internal structure but also the defects in MIM components such as micro voids. Surely, the X-ray scanned data is capable to compare to the 3D CAD data. Especially the micro gear geometry, it is possible to simulate the matching with other gear components. It will reduce the development of lead time drastically.

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