Innovative metal components by MIM technology

Do you want to make small innovative metal components for serial production? We can offer you a technical solution with wide range of metal material such as SUS, Ti, Cu, precious metals etc.

Our micro-Metal Injection Modling (MIM) technology has led many medical and other industrial companies to create innovative design metal components for serial production.

Some designs were impossible to make with traditional manufacturing method. Others have managed to integrate several parts into 1 part by our MIM thus reducing assembly cost and time. 

Are you looking for a new idea to realise your metal components for serial production? Even if you had given up with other MIM manufactures before, we are able to offer you solution.

The material selection is from variety of stainless steel such as 17-4PH, SUS 304L, SUS316L, SUS420J2, SUS440C to titanium (Grade 1 & 2), titanium alloy (Grade 5 & 23), copper alloy (Nickel silver, C1100, C1020, C1201, C1220, C1221), precious metals such as platinum iridium, platinum and gold, and heavy alloy (tungsten, molybdenum).

Our original technology enables even hollow structure with undercut which is impossible with normal mold technology. 

Please consult with us for small metal components!

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