Series production: Printed circuit board assembly

In a difficult market environment, Iftest is a reliable partner for PCB layout, prototype production and high-volume SMT and THT assembly. Iftest delivers consistently high quality and is able to react flexibly to your needs, even when demand fluctuates greatly.

Flexibility, process reliability and cost-efficiency

To guarantee customers maximum flexibility, process reliability and cost-efficiency, Iftest invests in the continuous further development of PCB assembly. This is the heart of Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS).

To increase capacity and efficiency, identical processes and equipment are operated at the two company locations in Switzerland and Slovakia, where this makes sense and is possible.


SMT assembly

More than 150 million SMD components are processed annually.


THT assembly

Iftest operates two identical wave soldering systems for THT assembly in Switzerland and Slovakia, which were purchased in 2017, and plans to expand these capacities further.


Process control

For the quality inspection of the SMT assembly, Iftest carries out
a hundred percent inspection with the help of an Automated Optical Inspection System (AOI) of the latest generation (3D).


Panel milling

Thanks to an optimized and highly automated panel milling process, Iftest ensures that the mechanical stress during the cutting process is reduced to a minimum.


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