Showcase 12 September 2017

Eyeing the future of Ophthalmic Lenses

For contact and intraocular lens manufacturers, plasma treatment is key to comfort and wettability. It also plays a critical role by modifying the surface of foldable intraocular lenses used to replace the natural lenses.

For any type of ophthalmic lens inserted into the eye, whether to enhance vision or simply for cosmetics, wear comfort is based on two primary factors: oxygen permeability and wettability. 

For manufacturers, achieving these characteristics means utilizing new advanced materials, such as silicone hydrogels.  Unfortunately, hydrogels are also inherently “hydrophobic,” meaning they have poor wettability characteristics that can cause discomfort during lens wear.

To overcome this problem, most lenses are surface modified by plasma treatment during the manufacturing process to render them more wettable to tear fluid. Aflexible process, plasma treatment is also used to inhibit biofilm accumulation, smooth out lens machining marks, promote bonding and other tasks.

Plasma treatment is so common, in fact, that leading equipment providers are able to modify existing, mature tools and technology, complete with fixturing, to deliver what are essentially drop-in solutions for contact and intraocular lens manufacturers.  Some providers even provide access to on-site research and development equipment as well as engineering…

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