Production of intelligent cycle computers

DAYSY is an intelligent cycle computer with App support that documents individual menstrual cycles. Mythentec supported the manufacturer in production, material selection, optimization of series production and sampling. A medical device of class 1 was developed.

Starting position

DAYSY is an intelligent cycle computer with App support that documents individual menstrual cycles and evaluates them for contraception or pregnancy planning. For the newly developed Class 1 medical device, all plastic components were to be optimized with regard to production processes for the customer, and series production was to be designed and taken over.


Together with the engineering office responsible for development, the plastic parts were designed for plastic and adapted to the further processing steps. The five tools were manufactured in China by qualified partners and rejected and optimized by Mythentec on site. The material was selected by Mythentec in accordance with biocompatibility requirements (USP class VI and EN ISO 10993).


Ijection molding

A 1+1 tool for the housing parts kept the initial costs low, while at the same time maintaining high quality production. The upper part of the housing, which forms the core, is injection moulded in 2-component (ABS-PC/TPE) in the
folding method. The corresponding light guide was designed in such a way that it transports the light as required and does not fall out during further processing steps after insertion. The central host computer system guarantees batch tracking of the raw material and continuously archives the actual parameters of the injection moulding cycles on the server.


Subsequent treatment

Mythentec welds the cap halves together under increased hygienic conditions using ultrasound. All parts are ordered via framework agreements; Mythentec thus guarantees continuous stocks for short-term customer calls.


Key elements

  • Component design suitable for plastics
  • Low initial costs due to tool procurement in China
  • Sampling and optimization of tools in China
  • Ultrasonic welding under increased hygienic conditions
  • Full batch traceability of raw materials
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