Büetiger AG is new member of Swiss Medtech

In its 90 years of business, Büetiger AG has specialized in the production of instruction manuals and leaflets. As a long-standing supplier to the medical technology industry, Büetiger AG has now acquired membership of Swiss Medtech and is now officially part of the Swiss medical technology industry

Büetiger AG supports its customers and the medical technology industry in the following areas:

Labeling and artwork management
We are professionals in the production of leaflets and IFUs This starts with the data creation: We know what font size is necessary to keep the final format of your package insert as small as possible and still comply with all regulations and ordinances. We are happy to take over the data creation of your leaflet for you or advise you on the data handling of your IFU.

Publication Print and Online
The production of leaflets and instructions for use is a science: printing on lightweight paper requires a lot of skill and sensitivity, and small folding of leaflets requires many years of experience and expertise. In addition to the physical production of your products, our eIFU service also enables you to provide your customers with your leaflet or instructions for use electronically.


Further info
Service groups:
    Printing of labels and leaflets

Purchasing and procurement

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