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Brütsch Elektronik AG October 7, 2021

Miniaturization in Medical Imaging

Nadia Neumayer from Brütsch Electronics explains how micro-cameras for medical imaging open new perspectives for diagnostics and treatment. She presents an overview on the prospects of medical micro-cameras, the challenges, their applications and an outlook on future innovations.

steute - Carl Geisser AG July 15, 2021
Product Highlight

Wireless foot switches

For more than a decade, steute Meditec has been driving forward the development of user interfaces with cable-free signal transmission. "steute Wireless" is a remote control technology which can be used with all types of medical equipment and which has been adapted to suit the special requirements o

Swiss Medtech Expo 2021

teltec systems ag December 17, 2020

Automatic loading and unloading increase throughput

Using several FOBA M3000-P laser marking systems, the company marks thousands of medical instruments and implants with permanent UDI codes. Thanks to the implementation of robotic automation, add'n solutions has achieved increased throughput and marking efficiency.

Swiss Medtech Expo 2021

SCHUNK Intec AG August 6, 2019
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Palletizing in the pharmaceutical industry

The SCHUNK 2-finger parallel gripper grips upper parts of inhalers from the workpiece carrier and palletizes them. No retooling is necessary and the workpieces are not deformed by the very sensitive gripping (min. 5 N).

Swiss Medtech Expo 2019

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Power in new dimensions

More and more applications in the fields of robotics, prosthetics, laboratory automation, medical technology, pumps and in the equipment of aircraft cabins require a high torque with a very short overall length. The flat brushless DC motor family FAULHABER BXT sets new standards.

Swiss Medtech Expo 2019

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