Internet of things and connectivity

The Internet of things expands the sensory possibilities of medical products by rendering patterns of use visible and thus unlocking the transformative possibilities of a networked healthcare system.

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Debiotech SA September 29, 2021

Remote Patient Monitoring - Technology to Improve Healthcare

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is a technology requested and expected by both patients and physicians, with 2/3 of the latter having the firm intention to use it. Laurent Colloud, Software Project Manager at Debiotech, will present how this technology works and can be implemented in healthcare.

TS Quality & Engineering July 20, 2021
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Blockchain: Empowered Quality For Medical Device

MedQuality is a project to improve the quality of medical devices and healthcare services. With the implementation of blockchain technology in the supply chain, complaint tracking, training, and maintenance, safety and quality can be increased.

Revolve Healthcare June 17, 2021

Mobile app that digitises the human blood samples workflow

70% of all problems in diagnostics occur in the pre-analytic phase. Read how a German startup from Munich plans to revolutionize the blood collection process with smart technology and how Revolve Healthcare has helped to achieve this.

Swiss Medtech Expo December 9, 2019

Cold chain regulations

Michael Boyman, Founder and CEO of Rebus Labs, presents a system that allows companies to manage cold chains and refrigeration more easily. Furthermore, the system generates customized reports and statistics that facilitate future audits.

konplan October 8, 2019

IoMT: Digital revolution in healthcare

Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) means connecting devices to the Internet and making them accessible via the Internet connection. But what added value does this technology provide patients? And what challenges does IoMT present to manufacturers and suppliers of medical technology?

IFTEST AG April 25, 2019
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Electronics development

From electronic design and smart IoT solutions to the development of modules and devices: Iftest continuously refines the corresponding processes. The company has a broad track record in the successful implementation of electronics development projects.

konplan December 17, 2018
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Internet of Things and application development

You would like to extend your medical devices with sensors and transfer the acquired data to the Internet? We help you with the entire implementation of this embedded system and make sure it works perfectly.

IFTEST AG March 20, 2018
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Iftest display and control module

Many applications in industry and medtech require a display and control module which meets highest standards of quality and robustness. A decisive criteria for many many customers is the possibility to achieve a fast time-to-market.

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