Injection moulding innovations

The integration of functions, full automation and faster cycles are among the most important trends in injection molding for medical technology, but also difficult to handle materials such as liquid silicone and sterile production are increasingly needed for innovation.

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APO ZDROWIE SP. Z O.O. September 14, 2021

Comprehensive advice on medical treatment

We have created a multidisciplinary collaboration of selected professionals. Their skills allow to correctly diagnose dysfunctions of not only the masticatory organ, but the whole body. We specialize mainly in dentistry.

SAMAPLAST AG August 10, 2021
Product Highlight

Success story Sternum ZipFix system made of PEEK

The Sternum ZipFix system made of PEEK has been a success story for over 10 years. From the initial idea to project collaboration and market launch. Read more about it here.

ProByLas AG July 26, 2021
Service Highlight

Laser plastic welding: consulting, lab tests, small series

Laser welding of plastics, like any joining technique, has its own design rules to achieve good and reliable joints. Additionally to machines, ProByLas also offers support on the design of the plastic parts to weld in order to apply the laser process optimally.

EXCO Consulting GmbH July 7, 2021

From car to medical

A leading manufacturer of medical products is intending to involve a new injection molding supplier. EXCO ensures that a new in-mold-labelling techniques that was used for the automotive industry can be used within medical industry.

KonMed GmbH September 2, 2019
Service Highlight

PEEK tubing brought into shape

PEEK is one of the high-performance plastics, and not without reason. High chemical resistance, hydrolysis resistance at high temperatures up to 300°C, high strength at low density make this material interesting for many applications in the analytics/diagnostics industry.

KonMed GmbH August 30, 2017

Radiolucent Instruments

Fibre-reinforced plastics are a composite of fibres (e.g. carbon, aramid, glass) and a plastic matrix (in medical technology mainly PEEK, PEI or epoxy). One of the outstanding qualities of such materials is their X-ray transparency.

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